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In Gestionista Italia we help you with everything related to criminal records and procedures. We carry out Criminal Records with Hague Apostille, Carichi Pendenti, procedures on Inheritance, Successions and judicial notices / edicts. If you own any type of property or land, we look for Cadastral Certificates, Title Deeds, Notarial Act and Legalization in general.

We offer all types of consultations and Legal Advice throughout the Italian territory.

The services we offer are:

Cadastral Certificates
Title deeds
Predisposition of Notarial Act
Management of inheritance / Successions
Judicial notices / edicts
Certificates of Criminal Record
Certificates of Marital Status
University degrees
Hague Apostilles
General Legalizations
Legal advice

Importance of document management

In Gestionista Italia we will help you in the management of all the documents mentioned in the above list. Many of them are necessary for other procedures. For example, if a family member dies in Italy and leaves a legacy you will need the support of inheritance / successions procedures.

If you decide to marry abroad, they may ask you for a certificate of marital status. Just to mention a few examples.

In addition, it is important that you remember that all documents, in order to be legal abroad, must have the Hague Apostille. Or in some countries Legalization is required. We can do all the steps for you. We are experts in the subject.

The application for a criminal record (casellario giudiziale)

The criminal record request is done by directing the request to an office in Italy of the “Procura della Repubblica”, with the casellario giudiziale affair

The request can be made by Italian or foreign citizens, because you can request it regardless of the place of birth or residence of the applicant. If the applicant was not born and never had residence in Italy, it can also be done; we just need to state this in the application.

The request is sent to the corresponding authorities with the complete information of the person, so it is important that you fill out the form correctly, specifying all the data indicated.

It should be noted that, if the certificate is going to be presented in another country, it must be apostilled or legalized, and translated. All these steps can also be done for you by Gestionista Italia.

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About our work

Management response time

At Gestionista Italia we offer optimal response times for your requests, although not everything is within our control, since there are different influencing factors. For example, the data you provide for processing and the time taken by public bodies in Italy to provide a response.

At all times we will keep in touch with you to inform you about the status of the process and the estimated time of its finalization.

We advise you at all times

As we mentioned before, we are in constant communication with our customers; it is part of our service. You can write and contact us to request information about the status of your procedure. We will review and respond as soon as possible.

The services we offer are different, and that is why we are always willing to provide advice and answer your questions about the procedures that are required to be carried out before the Italian authorities. We understand that if you turn to us, it is because you require those documents, so we are very serious in our work.

We can help you whether you are in Italy, or in other countries, such as Argentina. We are always willing to help our clients.

If you require more information about our services, contact our team. We will answer all your questions and doubts.