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In Gestionista Italia, we are a group of professionals who look after all kinds of documents in Italy and we obtain them. Our services include the search for Italian certificates, whether from birth, marriage, or death, among many other documents. We try to give you the best assistance in the shortest time possible.

Our services

We are specialized in the following document searches:

Italian Birth Certificate
Italian Multilingual Birth Certificate
Italian Marriage Certificate
Italian Multilingual Marriage Certificate
Italian Death Certificate
Italian Multilingual Death Certificate
Official certificates
Legalization of Birth – Marriage – Death certificates
Italian Criminal Record
Certificate of Carichi Pendenti
Legalization of Hague Apostille Italian Criminal Record
Legalization Hague Apostille Certificate of Carichi Pendenti
Legalization and Hague Apostille
Legalization Hague Apostille Italian birth certificate
Legalization Hague Apostille Italian marriage certificate
Legalization Hague Apostille Italian death certificate
Single status Certificate
Multilingual matrimonial capacity certificate
Italian Citizenship Certificate
Baptism certificate
Legalization of Baptism Records
Transcription of marriage in Italy
Legalization of various documents / University Degrees, Diplomas
Cadastral Certificates

Italian certificate: we locate your documents quickly and safely.

If you are going to request recognition of Italian citizenship or need your personal documents for some other procedure, the Italian Management team has the necessary experience to search, request and obtain any certificate in the Italian territory.

Our job is to facilitate the obtaining of certificates, even if you are not in Italy. With more than ten years of experience, we have an indepth understanding of the operation of the Italian public administration, which allows us to guarantee satisfactory results to our clients.

When you need to obtain a document in the Italian territory and you do not have all the data that is required, it is necessary to carry out an investigation that allows you to locate the certificates and records. This is more common when it comes to getting old documents. Doing it on your own will take time and a considerable expense.

Gestionista Italia has a team of experts in this type of paperwork and genealogists who will investigate and find the location of the documents you need.

In addition to processing and obtaining the documents, we also take care of legalizing and apostilling the certificates that require it, such as criminal records, birth certificates, university degrees, diplomas, among others.

Forms for Document Search

The information below is essential to carry out our work.
Please complete all fields as accurately as possible.

Response time

The duration of the investigation depends on two main factors. On the one hand, the data provided by the client to carry out the investigation and location of the documents. On the other, the time it takes for Italian public entities to respond.

We estimate that obtaining the Italian certificate and other documents will take a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 2 months. Once we find the documents, we send you a scanned image by e-mail and then we send the originals by mail to the address you provided to us.

Count on the advice of Gestionista Italia

Constant communication with the client is an essential part of the work we do. At any time, you can request information about the process and we will assist you without inconvenience.

We are also available to advise you on the procedures you need to do before the Italian authorities. We take each of our clients’ requests seriously because we know how important it is for you to gather the documentation.

Whether you are in Italy or outside the country, count on our team to help you at every step of your search.

For more information about our services, contact our team of managers.

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